Rock Art and Singing in the Sky.




Asteroids and comets, and coronal mass ejections (CME’s), commonly called “solar wind,” have played a significant and inspirational role in the creation of distinctive petroglyphs (rock art) exhibiting commonality and dispersed around the globe. I owe a debt of gratitude to Donald E. Scott, PhD., Wallace Thornhill, and David Talbott, for their published work on the Electric Universe Model – and a special credit to Anthony Peratt, PhD., who investigated the original connection between laboratory plasma-physics experimental images and similar rock art images observed around the world. I bear sole responsibility for information on this site.

Also, this website represents half-a-century of a passionate desire to present clarification of existing knowledge not available in “approved” academic textbooks, and to recognize and present new discoveries by individuals not properly credited for their efforts. A Bachelor of Science degree was the instrument of awakening such passion, and my awareness of the paucity of additional “wall paper” accolades was the instrument feeding such thirst for clarification of unknown subjects and unrecorded data. Feel free to use my minuscule efforts herein, and know that each of us must maintain and pursue such knowledge to promote advancement in all fields of science.      Alan Cornette.  March 4, 2020



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        “This is an extremely valuable publication. There are many “trigger” words in here that relates to some of my own experiences - - - Again, thank you. Your book is like a family diary. I now understand what prompted me to e-mail you in the first place.”

Maggie in British Columbia:  November 30, 2010


“I do know that your book is important, factually based and written, and most importantly to me, it explains to those that “don’t get it” how to digest these facts. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your book and gifting us with your knowledge. I will be ordering more books.”

Jade, in New Mexico: November 3, 2010