BIBLE CODE  & WEB BOT                                   December 1, 2010

        From the hazy days of Old Testament origins and through the days of Isaac Newton to the present, individuals have searched Biblical texts for codes that hint of future events. Now, in the age of computers and the Internet, something called Web Bot has appeared on the scene proclaiming a glimpse into the future. Both these unsettling aberrations suggest alarming clairvoyance.

        My belief is that we will be going through some pretty dramatic earth changes in the near future, but the earth has never been stable, and never will be unchanging. Actually, I believe we’ve been in a period of more dramatic change for the last few years, evident in global warming - accelerated somewhat, but certainly not caused by man’s increased carbon dioxide production.

        It appears that Web Bot may mimic the Bible Code in its accuracies or inaccuracies, and, when analyzed in a decade or so, could be indicative of an over-anticipating mind-set of the end-of-time people, for example, the recent Millennium date of 2000, that, just as in the year 1000 AD, freaked out a lot of people. The Jim Jones people, the Heavens Gate tragedy, and the Waco, Texas fiasco, continued a trend active for over 2000 years. Now we’re over 20 years beyond the supposed predictions of Bible Code “research.” Yes, it “suggested” a certain “suicide” bombing in the heart of Tel Aviv that would begin the atomic holocaust in Israel in 1996, revolving around the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Anxious people turned Bible Code “probabilities” into predictions. Remember the mind-set of the Kaddafi-era. Mind-set is critical here.

        The Bible Code also “predicted” the appearance of “a brainy person,” associated with Einstein, science, and “a new and excellent understanding,” and, “he overturned present reality.” Well, Einstein was a brilliant man of science – a theoretical physicist who never tested and verified in a lab experiment, and, in all likelihood, became too engrossed in mathematical assumptions (1.) and the notion that Newton’s mechanics of our solar system – specifically believing that the planets are held in place by the force of gravity, exclusive of any influence of electrical forces in space – was the final word as to the nature of planetary relationships. Now we’re discovering that the enigmatic black holes, dark energy, and dark matter are not so mysterious anymore; they are all earmarks of an Electric Universe. The common thunderstorms of earth (what a helluva laboratory) should have tipped off scientists to the simplicity of the obvious. The Bible Code dependability is lacking here also.

        Actually, Einstein was more involved with the “big picture” involving Time and Space – subjects not likely to be tested in a laboratory environment. Einstein’s time was also a time when Niels Bohr was trying to explain the wave-particle duality of light. Scientific experiments showed that light presented both wave-like and particle-like characteristics. Wave and particle are not properties of light but properties of our interaction with light. This is why mind-set is critical. This is why the observers, those looking for future events hidden in the Bible and “discovered” by Web Bot (and Newton and Bacon?) are finding what they “wanted” to find – the observer altering what he or she observes.

        Always with us has been our propensity to work fear of the unknown into our documents, ignoring our naiveté in believing that we, among all creatures on earth, are, or deserve to be, immortal. Also remember Constantine (1st council of Nicea, 325AD) who “never acquired a solid theological knowledge” and “depended heavily on his advisors in religious questions” (Catholic Encyclopedia, New Edition, vol. xii, P. 576, passim). The Bible was edited in those days (there were 53 “gods” being worshipped at the time)(2.) just as it was by the heavily, Rosicrucian-influenced Francis Bacon (and 46 translators working seven years) in the days of James the 1st.  Constantine’s “advisors” were probably as doubtful as he was.     

        Our existing superstitions are still with us, carried over from the days when lightning bolts flashing out of heaven (that electric thing again) struck down individuals in front of the whole clan who surely thought they were not properly appeasing their god. But, we’re getting there. With each new mystery discovered in space we learn a little more, and if we believe anything is accurate with prophecies encoded in  ancient records brought together into what would eventually be labeled the Old Testament, then a key to better understanding ourselves and our destiny is to pay more attention to Zecharia Sitchin’s (3.) research.

        IS IT POSSIBLE that Quantum Mechanics IS playing a role here? That is, that the observer is controlling the experiment, the results of such computer analytical exercises being the answers that the analysts were wishing for – that observers cannot observe without altering what they see. Yes, I will predict and bet my life that a major catastrophe will present itself in the future (certainly not December 21, 2012) but I base this solely on the volatile nature of our solar system and the warped mind of man.

        If Web Bot or the Bible Code is accurate in other places I can only speculate that someone of ancient times had the ability to either access, or travel to, future events. The past, present, and future are simultaneous perceptions – distinction being an illusion.(4.) Who can say that overlapping perception of the future cannot be read through a translucent fabric of Time – our experience of time being definitive relative only to Earth.

Could Web Bot be a component of universal mathematics, of a space matrix, or space-time fractal of some sort holding the Akashic records of everything that’s ever happened in the universe – accessible by those possessing the proper technology? (5.) Are these computer-generated exercises the product of a collective consciousness available to certain people? More pragmatic is the rather esoteric view that Francis Bacon was the real prognosticator and psychic precursor to Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, and others that followed.

        But, what does it matter, if in the end we are only a divine manifestation coherent with an infinitesimal bit of energy in a universe so vast as to render us, perhaps significant in the eyes of man, but otherwise, an uneventful happening on the grand universal scale.

        Just some observations. It’s my belief that - - - that - -  Oops, was that a thunderclap that rattled my windows?  Is that lightning bolts striking around my house? Gotta’ go!

Alan Cornette


(1,)     James Clerk Maxwell – Formulated a mathematically-based, four dimensional “Field Theory.” His equations included Scalar Potentials  (Tom Bearden ) which unified electromagnetics with gravity. Oliver Heaviside removed over 200 quaternions from Maxwell’s original theory, thinking them mystical. Heaviside and Gibbs unwittingly discarded the Electromagnetic/Gravity portion of Maxwell’s theory. “Our textbooks ended up with, not Maxwell’s original equations, but Heaviside equations.My belief is that Einstein inadvertently restricted his theory of general relativity, leaving out this portion of Maxwell’s equations, forever preventing his discovery of the unification of EM/G.

(2.)     Tony Bushby. The Forged Origins of the New Testament. Nexus Magazine. July/August 2007

(3.)     We lost a valuable guide to understanding our past and the origins of mankind when Zecharia Sitchin passed away October 9, 2010. He was the first to put into rational terms, backed up with valid research, the reasons Homo sapiens are on earth, how we got here, and reasonable clues to our destiny. The Old Testament provided a large part of his research.

(4.)     “The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent.” Albert Einstein, 1955

(5.)     Man’s time is different when you leave the earth and different when you leave the solar system. Man’s past, present and future on earth is, perhaps, merely a data base to be accessed by “outsiders.” No “time” would be attached to it other than historical time to the outsiders.