Summer Storm


  NOTICE OF INTENTBefore reading this article, please note: It has never been my intention to use scare tactics in any post to this website. I’ve always believed that an informed person armed with knowledge is like a well-armed soldier entering combat. Factual knowledge prepares one to accept and deal with reality and provides a battle-plan for survival.

          Regardless of how we feel about our elected officials and all democratic-nation leaders, freedom of speech and democracy are still goals of the great mass of humanity on earth. The descendents of individuals fortunate to have had the opportunity to accumulate wealth and power in the early days of the exploitation of the western world are now dispersed throughout the Federal Reserve, the banking system, the New World Order-Secret Societies of the day, and an intricate web of petrochemical-pharmaceutical-military-industrial-transnational corporations, They now play a dominate role in the future of the “free” world.

          Superior weapons in the hands of peaceful men have always been a deterrent to anarchy. Superior weapons in the hands of dictators have always been the bane of not-so-fortunate humans seeking democracy. A Federation becomes as corrupt, or as spiritually pure, as the individuals controlling the group. In the end, a Global Space Federation dedicated to peace and preservation of the human species, is the only desirable goal to pursue. At the moment, the “peasants” of the world are at the mercy of all who have and control superior weapons. Let us hope our evolution eventually blends into a universal intelligence favoring free speech and democracy.



SUMMER STORM – ARTISTS RENDERING.                    September 17, 2010


          I was approaching an awesome-looking storm with a lower, very dark cloud moving under a cloud layer above. Strong wind gusts were present and the above image describes a fascinating and oddly out-of-place CINE WAVE CONFIGURATION. I immediately observed the surrounding conditions before driving into the rain, and had time to twice count the five distinctive and characteristic amplitude cycles, while both ends of the wave faded into their surroundings. The cycles were rather fuzzy in detail. It started raining hard just after I saw the phenomenon, which lasted only about 15 seconds. Traffic surrounded me and I was afraid to stop, so I could not photograph the event.

          I have never seen what I assume to be a man-made, electrical signature on the leading edge of a natural-occurring storm cloud. I’ve always been fascinated by thunderstorms, and throughout almost eighty years of observation, have never seen anything such as this. I suspect very strongly that what I observed was a result of weather manipulation (Scalar Interferometry ) evolving out of the old HAARP technology, which has its genesis in 100 year-old research.  Russia has had this technology for many years, and presently, at least four other countries.

          A “war” of space domination has been in process for many years, accompanied by subtle experimentation and “testing” of unthinkable weapons in orbit around earth – STAR WAR TECHNOLOGY. Please note that High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is old technology (at least 50 years old), and certain goals of this research evolved into highly sophisticated, scientific weaponry, i.e., Quantum Potential (QP) capabilities based upon physicist David Bohm’s work. QP weapons are capable of destroying the entire human species in a single shot. I suggest that unusually high numbers of dead birds falling out of the sky for no known, logical reason, MAY BE side effects of QP fine-tuning, that is, selecting specific species as targets. Scalar Interferometry is not species-selective and can destroy life forms over a broad spectrum.

          Recent reports of huge numbers of dead birds and fish (most concentrated in North America) throughout the world have been explained as a result of natural causes such as loud explosions, collision with buildings, power lines, cold temperatures, etc., even the availability of Internet reporting has been blamed. Mainstream explanations satisfy my curiosity up to a point, but when hundreds of thousands, and hundreds of tons are reported, other explanations must be considered.

          If this “weather wars” topic appears totally outrageous, an alternative explanation for the dead birds and fish is the physical condition of THE SUN. Almost devoid of sunspots at this time, the sun should exhibit many spots forming toward peak cycle #24, in 2012. However, the phenomenon of an unexpected Solar Minimum has happened before, back in the 1930s, specifically 1935 – 1936, when the sun was also devoid of spots. Terrible weather occurred and many of our weather records go back to that time period – record floods, tornados tearing through Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas, killing over 400 people – record snows, droughts, and dust bowl days in the American Midwest.

 Regardless of where you live, it would be wise to adjust your thinking to accept that we are at war on two unseen fronts: NATURE – The Weather will not be treating us kindly in the near future, and I would not rule out the possibility that Scalar Interferometry is fueling weather throughout the globe for unthinkable reasons; We are also in a FINANCIAL WAR with overseas forces whose aim is to destroy the value of the American dollar. The creation or enhancement of dramatic weather (including earthquakes created by scalar weapons) is one of the greatest threats to the financial stability of the Free World. Dramatic global risks are growing rapidly at a time when the economy cannot absorb wild-card factors intimately connected to unpredictable natural events.

The “wild cards” in our future are comets, asteroids, and unknown solar disruptions causing much more damage (and financial stress) to our environment than the aforementioned, man-made American disasters. “Homeland Security learned a lesson in New Orleans, and now realizes that in the event of large cataclysmic change the great majority of individuals must care for themselves - - - are they trying to tell us something without creating panic in the streets? OUR GOVERNMENT WILL NOT CARE FOR US IN A CATACLYSMIC DISASTER.”

Stay tuned, gonna’ be a rough ride. Be skeptical, and remember, only the paranoid survive.  

Peace - Alan


copyrights 2009 - Alan K. Cornette