Once, the teller of dragon tales had the entire community in fear because they had been instructed in only one way. It didn’t matter which direction or what the teller really meant because the only accepted way was the way of this singer of words. It was the smooth lilting voice that made them believe, and they followed. They remained on the smooth, well-traveled path in little groups. After all, if so many believed the same thing then it must be true. They had heard the teller of tales talk about dragons and they feared greatly; so they followed. They did not want to be consumed by the dragon.

            But a young one resisted and he spoke well from a mind that had not heard the lilting calm of the singer of words, for you see, he was the son of an illegitimate son, not of the royal house or the secret societies of men. He had been shunned from the groups that avoided the dragon’s path. So, not hearing the voice of those in fear, he chose his own way and he discovered the ways of dealing with the dragon. One way went over the mountain pass, and it made him strong. Another traversed the ocean’s dark void. This gave him courage and confidence. The most important one passed over calm waters and he became a thinker of thoughts. This is why he discovered the path to the glory of truth and why he must accept the ways of the dragon.



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            And so it was that the rooster appeared on my computer monitor – a marvelous picture taken by Auke-Bonne van der Weide of The Netherlands. It came zipping through cyberspace from a friend. And I looked at that strutting rooster and pondered; does this represent the young leader or is it the old wisdom? Does it illustrate ignorance or bravery? I knew there was another understanding, another hidden part of the story, and we need only step off the beaten path to know.

            My friend asked: Where is that rooster going? Why, it’s the male and his harem, the way to the hen house and feeding time, a strut only a chauvinistic male could perform, an indication that Homo sapiens also walk the unreliable plank over deceivingly calm waters – disaster imminent for man and chicken. One will eat the other. Getting through the dark void is something like walking the sagging narrow board over the waters. We fear but we cannot turn back and even if we fall into the water, must make for the other side, it exists, and our tears wash us clean. The water is the life, the plank the path, and the group – the children left behind who will never know what they missed. Now the task is to encourage others to step out on the unsure plank that leads to enlightenment. The group of waiting apprehensive chickens is as unsure of the path as almost the whole of mankind – unsure of themselves and afraid to leave the comfort of the group. And because of fear they are led down the wrong path and do not experience the glory of truth.

            So we follow the dragon’s path because it is Truth and Reality. My friends and I are alike because we’ve contemplated that scary “plank” for years and finally had the courage to step out and cross over. Now we’ve got to entice and scream, Hey, come on over, it’s not hell. It’s OK. It’s the way home. We’ve found the way home.

copyrights 2009 - Alan K. Cornette