Rising Sea Levels Not A Unique Event

            With lower sea levels in mind, consider the Caribbean area of Central America. During the last ice age, the Grand Bahama Banks was possibly connected to Florida. Twenty thousand years ago, the Yucatan Peninsula stretched nearly to Cuba, then a much larger island, and the island of Key West formed a land bridge stretching almost to Cuba. As Shirley Andrews explained “a long mass of land, with only two or threebreaks for rivers, ran from Jamaica, across what are now the Lesser Antilles Islands and continued all the way to Venezuela.” This suggests that “island hopping” could have been a common occurrence throughout the Caribbean and between North and South America. In fact, human migration could have taken advantage of this lower-ocean situation worldwide. For example, at that time, a small boat trip from the southwestern bulge of Africa to the eastern-most coast of Brazil may have been a much easier adventure than it is now.

            Should we be concerned that the Mayan prophesies predict destructive floods for the ending of their Great Year? Egypt was devastated by floods that changed everything around 3100 B.C.E. The deluge created gaps in the archeological record, but the appearance of highly advanced cultures circa 5,000 years ago mystifies some historians as such cultures normally need thousands of years of evolution to achieve such advancements.  The earth has witnessed a rise in sea level of over 300 feet during the last 20,000 years. It is very possible that the flooding of the Old Testament was caused by the sudden breakup of Antarctic ice sheets – an occurrence certainly not impossible to repeat considering today’s global warming scenario or the possibility of a large asteroid or comet impacting those ice sheets. Could the physical changes of the earth, particularly the melting glaciers and disintegrating ice at both of the earth’s poles, be the event-catalyst for the ending of the Mayan Great Year in 2012? If so, it will not be the first time.


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