Man's Time and Cosmic Time


     Long ago, when I worked for a corporation, I knew that something wasn't right, something wasn't natural, and it involved what Henry David Thoreau had written over one hundred and fifty years ago - that the mass of men, live lives of quiet desperation.  This was a conundrum swirling around what I label organic man and machine man.  Machine Man, is a entity wedded to a high-tech, industrial world.  The mind-altered machine man is the corporate mentality indoctrinated and dedicated to bottom-line profits.  The mass of men fall into this category.  But I survived the drones of manufacturing in this regard, escaped, and finally arrived at a point where I could return to the order of natural man. 

     Man's time does not exist in the atom, although he is intimately linked to atomic vibrations linked to their own clock - their own creation and destruction.  In a sense, our solar system is an atom, the sun its nucleus.  The galaxy is an atom, its nucleus a great swirling mass of electric plasma.  And the universe: well, if we follow this logic then there must be multiple universes with power centers, the same as the solar system and galaxy.  Man rushing to his mechanical clock has nothing to do with these celestial configurations.  Man's contrived time permits him to catch the early train to the city.  Natural flowing cosmic time says forget about that timing contraption on the night stand; get out of bed because the sun is up.  There is something more profound about man than the division of daylight and darkness into increments to which he must march.  How many people dread the alarm in the morning?  How many look at their watch, the digital display, or lately, a read out on their cell phone, and think about the cosmic connection?  How many marvel at the Fall leaf colors and ponder or are aware of the earth's pole tilt that makes this display possible as it moves around the sun - very, very few.  How many work a night shift and constantly violate the natural order by disrupting their circadian sleep cycle?

     Finding the meaning of Time is like finding the meaning of Meaning.  The pursuit becomes abstract thought.  Living in the desert country of the American southwest literally forces a person to adjust to a different clock.  If you are retired in the southwest you discard man's Time and your life gradually revolves around the big red ball rising and setting on the landscape; you have switched to cosmic Time.  The Hopi sitting on his adobe roof watching the sunrise - this is abstract thought intimate with cosmic Time.

     Would a mechanical clock mean anything to a primitive sleeping in a cave or in the jungle?  No, he or she, although unaware, is tuned to the cosmic timetable of the Mayan calendar.  This calendar is cosmic the same as a place in England called Stonehenge.  That's what the ending of the Mayan Great Year and 2012 is about.  These two celestial clocks are tuned to the stars and probably share the Mayan Great Year that began in 3114 B.C.E. in Mesopotamia and ends in the year 2012.