The sun is traveling at about 600,000 mph as it moves around the Milky Way Galaxy center. That’s fast compared to the “slow” speed of earth (67,000 mph) traveling around the sun, or the plodding efforts of man struggling with gravity in an automobile moving at a mere 100 mph on a curvy highway. Now think about the space through which the sun travels. Is space a vacuum as most astronomers think? If so, then we are far better off than living in a “vacuum” containing electric and magnetic fields, charged particle beams, radiation, and an overall cellular structure as ascertained by reputable scientists specializing in the electric forces in space. Space is not a vacuum; we live in an electric universe.

            In the late nineteenth century Michael Faraday, William Thompson, and James Clerk Maxwell predicted a plasma universe. This foretold of a vast store of energy occupying all space. Nikola Tesla knew this and envisioned a great boon to mankind by accessing the energy in this surrounding space for our benefit. However, greedy men capitalized on other forms of fossil energy – coal, oil, and gas – and the name Tesla, even today, is difficult to find in history books. Both Tesla’s and Maxwell’s valuable research and insight was conveniently ignored and what technology did materialize, based upon the efforts of many over the last century, was clandestinely shelved for later exploitation. Adopting their technology would have led to a more pollution-free and more easily-produced energy.

            What does plasma have to do with global warming? You’ve heard of St. Elmo’s fire – saw it on the wings of airplanes a couple of times – plasma. I see the evidence of plasma charge when I get out of my car on a low humidity day – zap, static electricity – it hurts. Lightening bolts, Wow, what a plasma charge! The electric arc-welder’s rod – don’t look without eye protection – same as the sun, plasma. Experienced ball lightning once at about the age of 14 – never forgot – about the size of a baseball fairly buzzing, like a little sun, as it danced around on top of our wood cook stove, my mother screaming and I was frozen in amazement. In about 5 or 6 seconds it was gone – fizzled out and was gone. That was plasma, in arc mode, a disconnected charge left after the lightning melted wires and fuses in our circuit box.

            So, I agree, and believe in the well-qualified electrical scientists who illustrate that electric plasma has a tremendous influence in powering the sun, the galaxy, and the universe – no more theoretical Black Holes, no more presumptuous Big Bang. These two unproven theories will be obsolete with a coming paradigm shift and the confusion will subside at least in young astronomers who scratch their heads at all the surprises and mysteries exposed by probes sent to space in failed efforts to prove these unverifiable theories – their teachers should have told them. Because of misleading and unproven hypotheses, academic pride, and greediness for fossil fuel profits, we are over a century behind in these scientific fields. We could be powering our houses and transportation devices with the energy in the space surrounding the galaxy and our sun – free for the taking but not accessible for want of a box to plug a cord into. Such a device will surprisingly appear (removed from the shelf) after fossil fuels become scarce and are no longer profitable. Wow, they will exclaim, look what we’ve discovered! But, another surprise, we must rent the box for a monthly fee to use this free, existing energy swirling around us. Strict laws will be legislated to prevent anyone from producing their own free energy. Is this the glory of capitalism?

            For those who knew over a century ago and for the present scientists: praise to Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, Lord William Thompson Kelvin, Nikola Tesla, Kristian Birkeland, Irvin Langmuir, Hannes Alfven, Anthony Peratt, Ralph Juergens, Donald E. Scott, Wallace Thornhill, David Talbott, and others too numerous to mention in this short essay.

            We’re living on a planet circling a huge ball of sizzling plasma – our sun. And this ball is also a disconnected charge dancing around an unimaginable source of electric power in the center of our galaxy, and the galaxy is moving with incredible speed around a super cluster of other galaxies. And what are these uncountable galaxies revolving around? I don’t know; no one else does either. But I do know – with movement through energized space – the plasma concentrations the sun encounters traveling at 600,000 mph creates electric energy and great potential for chaos. What man has contributed to global warming with fossil fuel use is miniscule compared to the dynamics of our little ball of plasma moving through an electric sky. A crucial aspect of this dynamic is the subject of comets, asteroids, and different types of physical cosmic threats to our survival – better explained in SevenMountains and the Red Star. This book helps in understanding the connection between our physical solar system and events happening at this time and culminating at the 2012 date.

            Yes, we’ve contributed to and accelerated global warming, but the major, dynamic cause is the natural-occurring phenomena of a cosmic body moving through an electric environment in a dynamic and changing universe.


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