I do not recall my first introduction to dragons but, obviously, I’ve had a strong interest in such a mythical creature since childhood. While serving in the military in Panama, I succumbed to peer-pressure and had a dragon image tattooed on my left arm. Being sober at the time caused some concern. Nevertheless, the seriousness, the mysterious, and the image of dragons are still fascinating. I recently cleaned out an old chest and found two silk jackets that I purchased in Panama. Now slightly deteriorated, they both displayed exquisitely-embroidered dragons, and even though no labels existed, I’m sure they were made in China. In retrospect, I’m now wondering if I had premonitions, over half-a-century ago, of a future time – like the present – where I would be writing and talking about dragons related to asteroids and comets. I believe so. The accompanying illustration is from Seven Mountains and the Red Star

– Page 114.