Controversy Accompanies The 2012 Date


---------Those who twist with pretty words, the truth with thoughts so absurd

---------That men no longer look with cautious eye for electric dragons in the sky.

     “Then there shall come the seven mountains, the Red Star, and in the wind swollen sky the house of the storms in the 17 Tun . . . it is the end of the word of God.” These predictions are a little unnerving and a more thorough understanding of them requires familiarity with Zecharia Sitchin’s work and what he has been trying to tell us for over thirty years.

            One explanation for the “Red Star” is a reference to Sitchin’s 12th Planet, or Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Theory.  Another answer is that the Maya were referring to the sun as “the Red Star” and counted seven planets out from the sun which they may have been able to observe – Saturn, maybe, but certainly not Uranus. The only other explanation is a large comet swarm or asteroid accompanied by seven smaller bodies – whatever the answer, this became the Egyptian “Destroyer,” the Old Testament’s “day of the Lord,” what Mother Shipton referred to as “the fiery Dragon,” and Nostradamus’ “Great Star” and “fire in the sky.” The Maya followed Venus very closely and never referred to the planet as being red. The “seven mountains” could also refer to the seven moons of Nibiru, the 12th planet.

            But what could possibly be meant by the strange and provocative statement, “the end of the word of God?” Taken at face value, it would appear to imply an end to Christianity in some way – literally, the end of preaching religious text. I look at this statement as a compound noun “word of God” representing the period of the earlier Christian-dominating ruling Spanish, and later contemporary ruling class – the end of an era. The “end of the word of God,” to the Maya, would hopefully be the end of Spanish domination.

            And there is another possible meaning to this prophecy, an eerie one related to the “fiery dragons” of the past. If all of the sources I have referenced have any merit, then a very basic, core truth will be known by all cultures of the earth, and “religions” as we know them today will no longer exist. The worship of God will take on a new meaning understood by all. The book, Seven Mountains and the Red Star examines the religious issue and suggests some startling conclusions regarding the period we occupy and it's relationship to the year 2012.