There has been great speculation over the last few years concerning the Mayan Calendar and its supposed ending December 21, 2012. My prime concern has always been its beginning date in the year 3114 BC. Who, at that time, could assemble such scientific knowledge with accuracies comparable to our present day atomic clock? The only answer to this question that would extricate science from the admission such knowledge and abilities did exist 5,200 years ago, was that the calendar was formulated in a more modern time and then back-dated to 3114 B.C. This “more modern time” must still be explainable as the Olmec, who supposedly developed the calendar, date to about 1500 BC. Maya origins date back to about 600 BC.

All calendars are related to crucial events that mark their genesis, and I’m assuming that someone did have the expertise to create such a time-keeping device in 3114BC. The important point is: what events around 5,200 years ago triggered such a need to begin a calendar? For us today, the important aspect of the 2012 date was that it marked the beginning of a new period/era. Time marches slowly to man’s clock, and the new, post-2012 period which we occupy is certainly exhibiting signs of a greater, more dramatic change to occur over the next few years.

Disrupted social conditions always create culture change, and the present migrations out of the Middle East represent a déjà vu of 5,200 years ago. The following is an excerpt and continuation of recorded events (see New Beginning) dating to that crucial beginning time in 3114 BC.

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What happened? Some type of physical event caused existing world cultures to disintegrate around 3100 – 3000BC. Many great changes occurred around the globe which eventually led to the Sumerian and early Egyptian Dynasties, to the blossoming of Kingship  in the Middle East, and to new cultures forming around the globe. The most intriguing, Mayan Calendar began 3114BC. The Maya 5,200 year period which ended in 2012 was the last of their five Great Years that made up a 26,000 year cycle of the Equinoctial Precession. It’s very difficult to ignore the listed items below and not link them to earth changing events of cosmic scale. Did the Mayan Calendar ending introduce a new beginning – a new 26,000 year period comprised of another five Great Years, and the beginning of a new Equinoctial cycle?


Are we repeating a cycle of great migrations and social turmoil around the globe? Does history repeat itself? Do we shrug off these past events and declare them obsolete, or do we accept our destiny in ushering in another period of social chaos prior to a new beginning?